Resources for Teaching Online

Empirically based pedagogy can help instructors reenvision pedagogy to best serve their students in an online classroom. This resource page is being continuously updated as I create more guides for teaching online on a variety of topics.


Feedback is an essential component of any course. In an online course, feedback can provide an opportunity for instructors to integrate meaningful interactions in their course. I created this guide based on my research exploring the ecology of feedback in an online STEM course. The takeaways are not specific to STEM courses and can apply to courses across the disciplines.

Preview of downloadable PDF "Effectively Designing and Managing Discussions in Online Courses"


Asynchronous discussions are often considered a hallmark of online courses, but discussions may not support student learning in all online courses. If discussions support learning objectives and are integrated into a course they provide an invaluable opportunity for students to apply knowledge, develop reflective practices, and build community. This empirically based guide draws from existing research to curate six steps for instructors to follow when integrating discussions in their online courses.

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