Before COVID-19 forced emergency moves to remote teaching across the world, I had been specializing in research on online education. Now more than ever, it is essential that instructors are empowered with empirically-based pedagogy to teach in online environments. My research has focused on developing an ecology of feedback in an online STEM course which accounts for student and instructor perceptions of feedback as well as the technologies which mediate feedback. The ecology of feedback model can be applied to any course to holistically understand feedback.

I am currently in the process of publishing from my study on the ecology of feedback and will add publications here as they are finalized.

Reimagining Online Education: How Perceived Constraints Became Affordances in an Undergraduate Online STEM Course (2020)

Developing an Ecology of Feedback in Online Courses in the Disciplines (2020)

Triple Threat or Triple Opportunity: When a Pop Culture Course Goes Online at a Community College (2020)

Planning Feedback Opportunities in Online Non-Writing Intensive Courses (2019)

Spotlighting Innovative Use Cases of Mobile Learning (2019)

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