I offer a wide-range of workshops and talks on topics relating to mobile design, online education, and more! Below is a series of interactive workshops I have prepared on mobile course design, but I am happy to customize a workshop or talk based on institutional needs.

Person holding a phone

Why Does Mobile Design Matter?

In this interactive workshop, participants will explore how they use phones for learning and the benefits and limitations of mobile devices for learning.

Screen of a phone with a bunch of different apps

How Do I Create Mobile Content?

In this workshop, participants will design course content that is designed for small screens, builds trust, and leverages moments.

Phone on a desk next to a keyboard with a podcast symbol on the screen

How Do I Design Mobile Assignments?

In this workshop, participants will create assignments that allow choice, integrate multimodality, and leverage mobile-friendly tools.

Person walking through a phone on a train track

I’ve Designed Mobile…Now What?

This workshop will guide participants in reflecting on the journey of mobile course design. Participants will also create a toolkit to guide colleagues on mobile-friendly course design.

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